Deception - Deception

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Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Mystery, Drama
27th January 2022
It tells the story of Rose a famous actress, and Jericho a stunt double, who fell in love and got married. As they start their own family, they are blessed with a son and named him Thomas. From the looks of it, it was already a perfect life filled with love, but what could have been a promising future for their family starts spiraling down after Rose became convicted for killing her husband and was sentenced to ten-year imprisonment. With Rose in prison and Jericho’s death, their son is taken to an orphanage and learns to live without his parents. As Rose’s time in prison ends, she tries to start her life anew, among them is finding and reconnecting with his estranged son, who is now a teenager. But her troubled past starts to catch up with her and reveals all the lies that go with it. She also soon finds out why her almost perfect life went crumbling down. (Source: VivaMax)