Mga Mata sa Dilim - Mga Mata sa Dilim

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Mga Mata sa Dilim
Original Title
Mga Mata sa Dilim
1 hr. 31 min.
Action, Thriller
12th September 2019
When Juancho, a wealthy and powerful businessman, gets embroiled in a dangerous feud with a syndicate competitor, he ships Sui, his beautiful mistress, out to a secure, remote island where he holds meetings and monitors his drug operations via high-tech system of cameras. There, Sui meets Borgy, a mysterious bodyguard who, in reality, is an undercover cop sent to bring down the drug lord. Their constant contact eventually sparks a romantic attraction. Unknown to them, Juancho discovers their tryst via hidden cameras. Faced with an ultimatum, Sui must choose between Juancho, the millionaire, or Borgy, the bodyguard. Borgy, on the other hand, is torn between upholding his duty or risking his mission by helping someone he has fallen in love with. Together, they must find a way out of the island before Juancho hunts them down.