Reroute - Lawrence Fajardo

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Original Title
Lawrence Fajardo
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
20th January 2022
Trina and Dan are having marital problems after Dan accuses Trina. While having this problem in their relationship, they decide to travel down south to visit Dan’s dying father. As they try to reach their destination, they encounter a roadblock, advising all vehicles for a reroute. Tired from driving, Dan gets frustrated after finding out that it would take them another hour if they change their course. He then decides to continue their journey on a nearby shortcut, passing through a rough and deserted road. To add mishaps to their evening, their car suddenly broke down, and here they stumble upon a strange, barefooted man named Gemo. Gemo offers to help and invites them to stay overnight at his house and then help in fixing their car in the morning. Exhausted from the long travel they had, the couple accepts his offer, even if Trina senses something odd and unusual about Gemo. As they arrive at his house, they meet Gemo’s wife, Lala, a young woman who also seems strange and seldom speaks. As Trina and Dan get comfortable in their stay, Gemo continuously interviews them. And when his questions become personal, they know something is wrong. (Source: VivaMax)