The Cherry Bushido - 愛国女子―紅武士道

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The Cherry Bushido
Original Title
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Action, Drama, Supernatural, Political
17th February 2022
Shizuka Yamato is a fourth-year college student with a strong sense of justice and a patriotic spirit. She is looking for a job, but she secretly desires to take over Yamato Isshinkan, the kendo dojo owned by her father, Shingen. One day, Shizuka is scouted by an entertainment agency. After fending off four armed attackers, she encounters the supposed head of the agency, Satoshi Yakayama. In reality, the entertainment agency is a non-profit organization run by a group called the Japan Salvation Conference. The JSC covertly defends the nation in the name of the creator god, Ame-no-Mioya-Gami, who has done so since ancient times. Satoshi, who actually helms the organization, tells her about the divine revelation that Japan may face its extinction in the 21st century. After joining the JSC and undergoing rigorous spiritual training under Satoshi's guidance, Shizuka decides to go on a special mission to save the country from its crisis. Shizuka and her friends leave their astral bodies and head for the spirit world to defeat the Great Demon of Hades. Will they be able to save Japan? (Source: official English and Japanese websites, edited by MyDramaList)