The Eternity Between Seconds - The Eternity Between Seconds

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The Eternity Between Seconds
Original Title
The Eternity Between Seconds
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Romance, Drama
8th May 2018
Andres, a depressive motivational speaker and self-help author in his early 40’s flies to Korea for a book signing. Worn out from his usual routine, pressured to make it to the deadline of his next book, burdened by an event in his past, Andres sinks deeper and deeper into his melancholia and disillusionment. There, he meets Sam - a twenty-something Korean-Filipino (Kopino) who is about to meet her estranged Korean father for the very first time. Both prolong the wistful seconds as they could. This is a story about finding comfort in strangers, fleeting connections and moments that are never meant to last. (Source: Facebook)