The Exorsis - The Exorsis

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The Exorsis
Original Title
The Exorsis
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Horror, Comedy, Supernatural
24th December 2021
Gina and Dani are sisters with very different personalities. Gina is a formal, goal-oriented person, while Dani is more of a free spirit, living life on a day-to-day basis. Being orphans, it has been Gina’s responsibility as the eldest to take care of their family, and her grocery business has been able to provide for her and her sister’s needs. Fate makes a way for Gina’s unfulfilled dreams to come true when an opportunity abroad comes knocking on her door, but she becomes hesitant to grab this chance in fear that Dani, her reckless and irresponsible sister, will not be able to manage her growing grocery business. One eerie night, a mysterious girl named Leng Leng passes by and unfortunately falls into an accident right in front of Gina’s grocery store and dies. Her spirit wanders, finds Dani, and takes over her body. Now possessed by Leng Leng, Dani tries to attack everyone she meets, including her sister. While Dani’s condition worsens, Gina must find a way to help and save her sister from the evil spirit of Leng Leng that refuses to leave her body. (Source: Manila Bulletin)